Craniosacral Therapy is performed in our surgery

Post Date: 10 March 2014

Craniosacral Therapy

We look after your mouth because it is central to the health of the whole body.
Its well-being involves your entire person. This is why we have welcomed Craniosacral therapy to our clinic.

This method aims at preserving, consolidating and favouring health and well-being by cooperating with the natural resources present in every human body. It works on the body by very gently manipulating the skull and the spine, thus influencing the Craniosacral system that is connected to all body parts.

One of the most frequent challenges faced by Craniosacral Therapy consists in lower jaw problems. Together with proper dental treatment, the best solutions are offered and implemented by manipulating the lower jaw from inside and outside the patient’s mouth to restore the joint’s proper opening and closing movements.
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This treatment is offered to all Hazen Card holders.

For more information please call our clinic at 0422 710391.

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