It lights up our face, talks about us, opens up communication and puts us in contact with others. That’s why we should feel confident about our smile.

Thanks to Digital Smile Design, you can have exactly the smile you want, within a set time, with guaranteed results that are assessed an fixed beforehand, knowing precisely how much it will cost before you start.

What is Digital Smile Design?

It is a workflow planning system that makes it possible to see and try out the new smile in advance to decide on any corrections with the patient before starting the treatment.

This is very important because each smile is unique. There are no standards we can go by. The Digital Smile Design technique respects everyone’s individuality, creating a harmonious smile that balances functionality and aesthetics.

How it works, in four steps.

The patient’s “ideal smile” is defined with the aid of photos, videos and computer programmes. We don’t just take into account the specific situation of the patient’s mouth; face, personality and individual expressions are also important factors. A mock-up is then prepared to allow the patient to assess the result before accepting and starting the treatment. We never ask our patients to imagine what they will look like. We deliver certainties.

From a digital project to a visible simulation. This step allows patients to see and “try out” the new smile to see whether it works for them and make any modifications before starting the treatment. A temporary dental appliance in resin is obtained from a 3D gypsum mould. This appliance is placed in the patient’s mouth and can be worn for a couple of days to assess the aesthetic result at ease. And the person’s teeth haven’t even been touched yet! The whole procedure described in this step is very short.

At this stage, once the patient is happy with the end result, the actual treatment can begin. The patient is better equipped to understand what he can expect from the treatment, what the results will look like and any problems that will have to be overcome.

When the plan has been approved with the patient the necessary treatment is begun.


100% transparency: the diagnosis and therapy are arranged in advance and the results are guaranteed.

Quotations are never a surprise: the patient always knows what will be done in advance.

Information is clear and cannot be misunderstood: the results can be seen before starting the treatment.